The Isermatic 'Crystal System' is a tried and tested graphic tensioning system with a family of aluminium profiles for numerous graphic requirements.
With profiles ranging from the smallest internal profile 'C' to the largest weight bearing external profile "P100", the Crystal tensioning system has a solution for all graphic tensioning requirements.

C Profile

'C' Profile - internal applications, light weight, can bend around curved walls.



KTA - Internal / external applications, light weight, larger footprint for slightly larger graphics, can bend around curved walls.



KTN - Internal / External applications, light weight, suitable for mid size graphics, can bend around curved walls.



KP - Internal applications, side tensioned profile for ladder framed applications.



KL+ - Internal applications, angled side tensioned for a stretched canvas appearance.


KT - Internal and external applications. strong and slimline, Wall mounted.



KT+ - Internal and external applications, for more heavy duty installations, Wall mounted.



P100 - External. Strong weight bearing profile, minimal deflection over a 3m span, can be re-tensioned into, time and time again.
samples of Crystal Tensioning installations from our Flickr page